The A.I. & Xtoper Douglas

Atticus Oldman’s A.I (Automated Interview) is a series of predetermined questions designed to provide Steampunk Creatives with a starting point to tell their own stories!

Xtoper Douglas & DEVM

Name: Xtoper Douglas
Approx Location: West Coast of New Albion
Creative Occupation: multi faceted, multi medium artist

What are you working on at the moment?
Pre production for our Bands first foray into Music Video creation.. We have a Story to tell within our music, and we believe that adding visual media to those stories will help achieve a better understanding of where our crew has been, where we are going, and what adventures await us.

How did you get started on your creative journey?
6 years ago , I left the Renaissance fair production scene after 20 years of ongoing attendance/management and seeing no new prospects to spur the creative malaise. After having a bit of a stint attending the San Francisco Dickens Fair, and learning about the Steampunk Genre which had a small following in attendance– the artistic premise and creativity behind it was intoxicating.

So I approached the new “Costume Party” with a bit of a different intent than the previous genre. First– study up on it. second attend as a muggle and observe the communities social cues. Third– find some musicians that might be able to create something a bit new for the genre.

What are the next steps on that journey?
After finding the right crew and bringing about our first album and getting a few shows under our belt.. it has become readily apparent that in order to create a product that will get your consortium invited to conventions and gatherings– you need to create something that will stand out. The Genre has it’s favorite’s and in order to hit the radar of the genre, you REALLY HAVE TO BE CREATIVE with that intent. So– Music Videos, graphics Novels, and even more Songs telling the story of our crew and their path into the verse is how we plan to progress forward. The Idea is to create a Rock Opera or episodic adventure of sorts that will lead into an all encompassing show with something for everyone.

Where do you hope the journey will take you?
ON ADVENTURES…. The Idea is not to be Famous or Infamous… the intent is just to be heard and acknowledged for the contribution and value add to the genre. Getting to Travel and meet all different types of people who share a passion for creativity and artistic flare is the best. Creating a package deal that appeals to the masses, is a gratifying compensation.

How did you first get into Steampunk and how has that influenced your work?
As previously mentioned, a Few Friends of ours were participating at the San Francisco Dickens Festival where a Adventurers Club made up of characters from Victorian Science Fiction Novels brought to life and presenting Retro Neo-Victorian Science fiction exhibits. From there we attended a small multi faceted weekend event that included a “steampunk aspect” to it offerings. There we were introduced to Steampunk and its full brunt force meeting with some of the top acts of the genre and learning about them. From there on, it was a love /hate addiction that with a bit of planning, soon would turn to a creative outlet.

What do you think the future of Steampunk is?
The Theme of Steampunk is Rejuvenation.. Take an Idea that is Old and create something new and interesting from it.

I believe the future of Steampunk can be re-vamped into something more powerful than what it was or even currently resides at. For it’s survival as a genre, it will need new blood consistently joining the ranks. This means that open mindedness to new and different ideas will be necessary where some are resistant due to comfort levels. Comfortable Artistic expressions has made little waves in the world. So it is important as a genre that we evolve and continually strive to
engage the imagination of others with new and exciting takes on the art-form as will move forward.

What question should you be asked and what is your answer?
Q: Do you Like Bacon?
A: Egahds Man, I’m from Scotland only expatriating over to New Albion, i’m Not Dead!!! (yet)

Xtoper Douglas and DEVM



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