Xmas Download: SteampunkFUNK Bizarre!

NON – TRADITIONAL HOLIDAY FAVORITES (with a little help from my friends)
10 Pip Recommendation (5 Star) frae Atticus Oldman
“Does the thought of the happiest time o’ the year leave you with a shudder? Does the return of the season of the ‘same auld same auld’ leave you facing a tinsel trauma? Is the Yo of your Ho Ho running so very very low?

Then be of good cheer my itty bitty brasslings, cause the dear auld Steampunk Philosopher has returned from his travels to save us once again from the bland, the boring and the bah!
Yes, m’dear fellows and lady fellows, Lord Montague Jacques Fromage has released a super eight minute slice of Christmas merriness that is guaranteed to blow away and banish Christmas distress.

Available from the link below this wonderful free download – “NON – TRADITIONAL HOLIDAY FAVORITES (with a little help from my friends)” is more than a mega mash up of the well known tunes that define the holidays. Not only does our dear Monty bring his own unique steam powered twist to the lyrics with the fabulous voice, guaranteed to untangle yer tinsel and rebalance yer baubles, the band of tune smiths and music makers Monty gathered to enhance the dance under the banner of the SteampunkFUNK Bizarre also frolic through a full on funked up festival of sonic delights. A musical mince pie – This tasty wee treat will both initially satisfy the urge but will soon leave you wanting to nibble on some more!” – Atticus Oldman

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