What’o Chaps!

Much to dull to say have been laid low over last few days with a hell o’ a migraine and normal service will resume once I have caught up with the backlogged mountain o’ work.


What’o Chaps!
Sorry not been around but just returned hame after escaping from the foul embrace of the Bitxh Queen O’Migrainia!

I fell into her evil if well manicured clutches by crashing into her dominion after my eBay time machine (the ‘When We There Yet Dad?) broke down in the 21st demention (the bloody stroatle-pump again!).

The insanely beautiful and barking at the moon bonkers Empress of the 5th Quarter insisted on keeping me as a personal pleasure provider (Dash it all If this don’t just keeps a’happening to me misfortunate self! …a’hmm).

Anyhoo, to gut a long story into more edible if still slightly chewy chunks…

Flee down castle walls using curtains with banshee Bitxh Queen quick on m’tail – Bish!

Use charm, subterfuge and then a sock full of stones to get passed guards and steal the imperial battle bus before taking out the entire and entirely unsuspecting star navy – Bash!

Hame only slightly late for tea and muffins enjoyed before a welcoming fire as I catch up with correspondence accumulated – Bosh!

And that M’Lords an’ M’Ladies be the truth, the honest truth and nary a’word o’ Tosh!

I mean… Would I lie to you?

Tootle Pip!

Atticus Oldman 

Pass The Word!

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