CD Review: Soldiers Of The Mark

Soldiers Of The Mark by The New Jacobin Club
10 Pip Review From Atticus Oldman’s Steampunk Almanac
“This masterpiece from dark stars of the Canadian alternative music scene The New Jacobin Club is a further decent into the maelstrom of theatrical sonic mischievousness that has characterised their musical development over the previous four albums.


With Soldiers of The Mark, the band takes the history behind the legendary ‘Hellfire Club’ as the master thread to weave around a musical tale wholly their own. A tale of human lust, devilish passion and biblical revelation filled with terrible concepts and dreadful imaginings.

A story so grand in scale and ambitious in its hellish nature would be a challenge for any band. However, the New Jacobin Club with their delightfully diverse range of instrumentation, outstanding musicianship, faultless delivery and formidable theatrical prowess – quite simply nail it on all possible counts.

One new flavour that has further enhanced the nature of the acoustical blend on this latest release is the rise to prominence of Poison Candi as a lead vocalist in her own right. A deliciously feminine compliment to The Horde’s own role as teller o’ tales, Candi’s bittersweet voice cuts through a song like a dagger wrapped in velvet.

Beyond the music and live performance, the band’s own creativity and extraordinary collaborations with guest artists and photographers have produced a superbly well rounded complete package for Soldiers Of The Mark encompassing poster art, CD and limited edition LP artwork alongside a truly wonderful hard cover limited edition book filled with stunning and beautiful illustrations and photographs.

If this should be your first experience of the New Jacobin Club then be prepared for a cacophony of anthems for dark souls and if you should already know of their music then be prepared to be darkly delighted!”

Atticus Oldman

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