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  1. The Mechanisms’ High Noon Over Camelot
    Despite the awful yet somehow now traditional Fringe weather I decided to head along to Whynot on George St to catch the opening of the latest festival show from The Mechanisms – a complete performance of their latest album High Noon Over Camelot.

    A few very minor sound issues before the start of the show enabled the band to warmly engage with the almost capacity audience. A little charm, a lot of humour and a surprising amount of frog based information entertained and amused until all was made ready and the show began in ernest.

    For the next full hour we were swept up and away to become lost in the wild adventures of the Pendragon Gang aboard the space station Fort Galfridian in this bold and enthusiastic musical retelling of the Arthurian legend.

    Without giving the plot away… Expect love, loss, vengeance and vagabondage set under a blistering sun and against the searing heat of hellfire prophesy and eternal hatred!

    Cracking along at a breakneck speed the story, as it develops, fully allows members of the band to explore and delight with a diverse range of instruments and multi-musical talents – Which almost doubles the size of this already large band to outstanding effect!

    While I would love to see the performance again in a larger or possibly outdoor setting – This is a corking wee show which is set to soar. Considering that many similar shows are ticketed at over £10 and upwards – The Mechanisms’ High Noon Over Camelot proves without question the superb quality available via the (PBH) Free Fringe. In addition, The outstanding musicianship of the band combined with wit and drama in abundance portrays Steampunk storytelling at its very finest.

    10 Pip Recommendation – Atticus Oldman