Meeting Atticus

Pol Steele,
Atticus Oldeman’s long time… Err.. acquaintance is now on the Almanac 

Q: How did you first meet Atticus Oldman!
When Atticus agreed to provide me with a small but much needed loan to cover a temporary shortfall in ready cash, I was so surprised and relieved… I made the terrible mistake of not concerning myself overmuch over the small favor he asked in return.

“Just clean my family’s brass collection.” He said pointing to the gathering of dull metallic objects on the dusty mantelpiece and with a soft friendly chuckle went on to say. “And… what we will consider a debt of honor shall be paid in full and without further obligation!”

Failing to mention in the conversation that his bloody family happened to own a chain of metal foundries and were the largest suppliers of brass ingots in the western empire!

Debt Of Honor.. Mutter Mutter..
25 Bloody Years.. Mutter Mutter..!

Pass The Word!

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