Victor Sierra – Go For The Strange

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Victor Sierra - Go For The Strange

“Bringing The Hydrogen Queen To The Asylum 2016!”

There are many delights to hosting the Absinthe Affair Aether Web Broadcasts on Nusakan Radio. One of these is the chance it gives me to share with those possibly unfamiliar with the diverse range of music played by Steampunk bands and musicians – some of the finest examples of clockwork creativity from across the musical multiverse. As this is the case here with my dear friends Victor Sierra’s classic album ‘Go For The Strange’

Victor Sierra – Go For The Strange.
A ‘Full 10 Pip’ Album Review from the Steampunk Almanac.
“The outstanding third album from Parisian steampunk maestros Victor Sierra is a masterpiece of adrenaline fuelled, industrial inspired rhythm that simply defies you not to make merry and dance.

Building and developing the characters of the individual band members and crew of the fictional (or, so they tell us) airship the ‘Hydrogen Queen’ across a series of interweaved illustrative soundscapes, the new album has a deeply personal feel to the songs which only further reenforces Victor Sierra’s well deserved reputation as one of the Steampunk community’s most respected and imaginative collective of musical storytellers.

Go For The Strange features a superb collection of tracks with a full bodied flavour more than able to delight the dance floor and yet subtle enough to enhance a laid back personal trance. While each band member in turn brings something rather unique and marvellous to the blend, the resulting combination provides an intoxicating experience with a sound and style that could only belong to Victor Sierra.

For those coming to the work of the band for the first time, this is a grand place to start. The outstanding artwork wonderfully outlines the concept and sets the tone of what is to follow – And what follows is a musical treat of the highest order and a perfect introduction to the rich, complex and intrinsically beautiful steampunk adventure that is Victor Sierra!”

Atticus Oldman

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