Steam Celtica Festival 2015

Shall We Share A Secret?Steam Celtica 2015 is a proposal for a new Steampunk – Fantasy – Alternate History Festival to be hosted at a suitable (culturally or creatively linked) location in Scotland.

There are currently three locations under consideration which will remain secret at this time – It is hoped we can come together to provide the best case to gain the support of at least one of those in charge of said locations!

With this in mind – The intention is to gather the information, materials and resources to prepare a detailed business plan and crowd-funding proposal for ‘Steam Celtica 2015’

Steam Celtica Festival – Facebook Page

“Shall we meet in bright dark places to make
and dance to music sweet as heaven’s light?

Shall we gather round to whisper tales
that may delight the mind and guide the sight? 

Shall we cast a spell upon the day
and by our charms then conjure dreams o’ night? 

..Shall we?
…Shall we share a secret?”

To be a part of the secret – Send Your Details
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  1. Greetings all!
    Many and sincere thanks to all who liked this page so far!

    Over the last few days I have been plotting and conspiring over how to make this event stand out from the many popular and excellent events hosted further south.

    With this in mind I have decided to record the various stages of putting the proposal together along with the ongoing progression of events.

    Not only is the hope that it may entertain but to also encourage folk to become involved and assist with crowd-funding and final venue sourcing – Then onwards to participation and attendance.

    I am working on the first broadcast at the moment – this will be a general introduction and outline of the concept and should be online shortly!

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