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Southcart Books

“For some folks starting a small business is purely a financial consideration where profit and income generation is the only focus – And then there are folks like Scott and Amy Carter who launched Southcart Books & Comics with the aim (in addition to earning a living), of creating a literary and creative haven for writers, poets and artistic individuals from across the Walsall area and far beyond.

Three years into their journey and while at times the road has been far from easy, Scott and Amy’s endless hard work, dedication and generous spirit has seen Southcart Books grow to become a fantastic resource for book lovers of all ages, well renowned for its warm, friendly and yet relaxing atmosphere.

Events, gatherings and creative projects hosted by this extraordinary wee gem of a bookshop have also brought Amy and Scott the deep respect of an ever growing network of artistic individuals, groups and a number of sub-cultures such as the Steampunk community. I am genuinely delighted to count myself among that number!” – Atticus Oldman


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