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The increasing number of steampunk and dieselpunk events taking place around the world has provided fantastic opportunities for the creative and performing elements within our international community.

And, while there is nothing to quite match the live performance of steampunk themed musical artistes – There is also a growing need for prerecorded music for use when bands are unavailable or out of reach and to provide soundscapes intended to enhance the atmosphere of festivals, events and social gatherings.

The Steampunk Almanac can provide a unique and tailor-made service able to enable you to add a deeper dimension of sound to whatever undertaking you are set upon.

Event Specific Podcasts
Include a specially produced online music show on your event website featuring local and/or international musical performers (Can include advertising and sponsor’s messages).

Site Specific Soundscapes
Suitably themed prerecorded music intended for use over pa and sound systems at indoor and outdoor events (Can include advertising and sponsor’s messages).

Event Radio
Live or prerecorded web broadcast of music and interviews during event or gathering.

Digital DJ Service
With a solid wifi connection at the location or venue – I am able to provide a live “Absinthe Affair” DJ set with a playlist designed to match the theme of your gathering. Note;- Full PA system suitable for community hall, public house or house party can be provided. I am also able to connect to the PA system provided by larger venues such as as clubs and concert venues.

Event Based Interviews
If invited to attend events I am able to provide interviews with those attending, performing and participating (These are ideal for future promotional use).

Steampunk Almanac Services
Each project undertaken is specifically designed to best suit both your requirements and budget. Aside from events I am required to perform at directly or oversee in person, the majority of services can be remotely managed and delivered via the internet – This means almost any gathering anywhere can participate!

For further information – Please feel free to get in touch via the Contact Page

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