The Experiment no.Q in Salamanca

“A fantastic band with an outstanding live performance that has blown away audiences across Europe – This exciting new fundraising campaign can help take the creative output of The Experiment No.Q to a whole new level!”Atticus Oldman: Steampunk Almanac

The Experiment no.Q is an international Steampunk Industrial project with musicians from England, France, Italy and collaborations also from Sweden. The band has a strong visual impact (masks, costumes, equipment). Logistics is always very complicated having to manage travels from so many different countries!

We were invited on 13th May 2017 to Bunker Metal Fest in Salamanca (Spain), but to bring with us scenography, masks, instruments, to make a good travel, to feed and host seven musicians (plus driver and technician) we necessarily need a Camper!

Musicraiser offers the great opportunity that the “music system” does not offer to the independent projects: the promotion. To support a band means to support the music and soul of many artists. For this reason we ask to our Q-nauts and to all Raisers to help the Experiment no.Q to play in a foreign festival and export our music there.

We want to repay our supporters not only with music, but also with special Steampunk masks and steampunk objects we use on stage and with so many other curiosities for fans of industrial rock (and not only).

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