Review: The Mother Matrix – Nathaniel Johnstone

Released On 1st May – The Mother Matrix

“…meet a part of your soundtrack for the summer!” – Atticus Oldman

The Mother Matrix - The Nathaniel Johnstone Band
The Mother Matrix – The Nathaniel Johnstone Band
Full 10 Pip (5 Star) Review from Steampunk Almanac

“The summer just got a whole lot brighter with the release of ‘The Mother Matrix’ – An excellent new collection of steampunk themed stories from those tellers of mighty fine musical tales, the Nathaniel Johnstone band.

This new album is a joyous celebration of creativity, initially inspired by a stunning drawing of Tempest’s entitled the ‘Mother Matrix’. This original visual concept being then taken and developed by Nathaniel, Dogwood and the crew to form an acoustic blend consisting of deep passion, outstanding musicianship and at times sheer barking at the moon brilliance!

Opening with a hint of jasmine on a hot desert breeze and a rhythm that cries out for thundering, dancing feet and fleeting glimpses of flying veils round a dark night camp fire – Then Moving on to not quite so serious considerations of life and a life being lived before hitting a sizzling 60’s garage vibe with Sparks – A track that must be a blast to be experienced live and which perfectly sets up the outstanding Little Star, a wonderful and personal tribute to the late David Bowie.

The atmospheric setting of the album’s title track is one of several that provide a perfect background for Nathaniel’s stunning guitar-work and which initiates an almost hypnotic demonstration of the clockwork precision of the relationship and creative bond between all band members. Once again this has been honed to tick tock perfection through performing the songs as part of their live set prior to entering the recording studio.

It is simply no exaggeration to say Dogwood has one of the strongest and most versatile voices I have heard performing in steampunk (and far beyond) and once again, as always, the vocal harmonisation and banter between Nathaniel and Dogwood is just pleasure to witness.

Humour has always been an important ingredient in Nathaniel’s work and is once again delivered here with a mischievous pleasure across a number of tracks where only the quality of the musicianship is taken completely and utterly seriously.

If you are already familiar with the band’s work, this latest release will leave you both satisfied and yet still wanting more (just as any truly fine album should). Or – If you are a first timer, be prepared to meet a part of your soundtrack for the summer!” – Atticus Oldman

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