Marvellous Mechanical Mesmerist

Marvellous Mechanical Mesmerist

A witty and charming one act adventure based around a wicked father’s cunning plan to enlist his not so innocent daughter and son in law’s assistance in devising a scam to sell trips to the moon to wealthy victorians – Using hypnosis rather than rocket travel to get them there and back!

The three cast members are all genuine hypnotists thereby ensuring a truly Interactive experience for those participating with plenty of funny goings on and improvised banter between stage and audience throughout.

Symposium provides an intimate and very comfy venue from which to enjoy this first visit to Edinburgh from the newly formed theatre company – And on the strength of this first offering I already look forward to their return visits in future years.

The show was very well performed and can be sincerely recommended as a splendid steampunk themed treat to bring one’s fringe to a fine festive finish!

‘Full Five Pips!’ – Atticus Oldman
***** Steampunk Almanac Review

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