Parade O’ Innocents!

Parade O’ Innocents is a new web based reality show themed audio podcast produced by Atticus Oldman to be hosted over the winter which is set to form a core element of the forthcoming Aether Festival hosted by The Steampunk Almanac in 2019.

The concept is simple…
Take a panel of people who have had no real contact with Steampunk to date and with the help of both the local and international Steampunk community introduce them in installments to the music, art, festivals, fashion, literature and designer led elements of what is know as Steampunk.

While due to necessity the panel will need be from the Edinburgh area – The potential contributions from international artists, photographers, musicians, writers, podcast makers, designers and makers, event hosts and those with a passion for Steampunk is boundless!

What is involved…
**The panel will meet to look over a collection of ‘classic’ steampunk themed subjects such as photographs and paintings and will debate the material provided which will be recorded.

**Tea Party style meetings will be held with local Steampunks to discuss related subjects and opinions such as events and attire. Hopefully material can be provided to try on. This will also be recorded and photographed.

**Interviews with creative, fashion, maker and musical representatives of the community will be held under a Q&A format. – Skype audio calls recorded.

**Steampunk Immersion – A selection from the wide and diverse range of music beloved by the Steampunk community will be provided alongside a collection of poetry, short stories and novels relating to the Steampunk multiverse. After a set time the panel will meet to discus their views on the material provided. (All material provided in digital format).

[The initial Parade O’ Innocents audio podcast will form the basis for a later video version of the show.]

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