Haunted Underworld 12th Oct 2014

Haunted Underworld

Sunday 12th October at 1:00pm – 5:00pm
St Ann’s Square, Manchester, United Kingdom

There are growing rumours of supernatural forces beneath the streets of Manchester, a vampire nest has formed and is gathering together their ghostly and cadaverous minions. Only steampunks have the skills necessary to face this timeless foe. Cottonopolis assemble!

We are taking a ghost tour of the dark and mysterious undercroft of the city centre where old stories are coming alive. There will be blood-curdling tales of love, death and magic. There will be hysterical laughter and insane gibbering. There will be sensible shoes. There will be torches. There will be stairs.

Coglings aged 10 and above are welcome but maybe used as bait for ghouls. If they have a nervous disposition it may not be suitable for under 12s.

Tour will cost £8 each

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