Different Ships, Different Long Splices

“Breathtaking! – A New Star Arising! – The Full 10 Pips!”


Different Ships, Different Long Splices by GurdyBird
A ‘Full 10 Pip’ Recommendation by Atticus Oldman
Easily recognisable in distinctive pirate-minstrel attire and rarely unaccompanied by intriguing melodies produced upon a hybrid symphonie (a box-shaped, medieval hurdy-gurdy) – Tamsyn Swingler performing as GurdyBird has become a well known and welcome attendee on the fringes of many a Cornish and Steampunk gathering over recent years.

Now, following a summer of main stage appearances which have firmly established a reputation for outstanding musicianship and wonderful live performance – Gurdybird has delighted old friends and new fans alike with the release of her first album ‘Different Ships, Different Long Splices’.

From tributes to the heroes and villains of seafaring legend such as ‘Horatio’s Carol’ and ‘Defiant ’til Tyburn’ through to a rather wicked remix of Steampunk Convention (GurdyBird Remix of BB BlackDog classic feat. Professor Elemental) – ‘Different Ships, Different Long Splices’ is a blending of traditional folk music presented with a distinctive yet delicate modern interpretation delivered with style, grace and humour.

All in all, this excellent first offering is a genre defying treat that should appeal across many a musical palate.

A pleasure to present with a full 10 Pip Recommendation!
– Atticus Oldman

GurdyBird Online: http://www.gurdybird.co.uk
On Bandcamp: www.gurdybird.bandcamp.com
On Facebook: www.facebook.com/gurdybird

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Different Ships, Different Long Splices — 1 Comment

  1. All the best in Cornish pirateyness, plus a lovely lady too! Great performances & mixing with a blend of folk, shanty, electronica and such an exotic feel. Looking forward to more Gurdybird releases! Well done! XXX