Full Steam Metal Racket — 2 Comments

  1. Well, what a splendid event this one turned out to be! Rising from the ashes of AltFest, the whole thing was pulled together in about 10 days by Dale Rowles (BB Blackdog), Neon Tiger Productions and the enthusiastic team of volunteer crew. Llanfyllin Workhouse provided a suitably quirky Victorian venue which worked well. The bigger stage in a semi-sheltered outdoor courtyard provided a performance space for the bigger acts, while the more intimate indoor stage (next to the main stage area) allowed easy change-overs between acts, plus a more appropriate space for some. Acts varied between full-on metal bands to cabaret, with blues, acoustic, funk and a massive variety between, together with fire displays, burlesque & pole dancing! Highlights for me included Frenchy & the Punk, who stunned us with their headline act on the Saturday, the infectiously happy harmonies of Red Ruff, Monokelpop (Daniel Malheur) giving us 1920s German karaoke with a dapper delivery, the fabulous Dutch ladies with their automaton performance, plus seeing SW friends The Mysterious Freakshow, The Wattingers & The Copperfield Ensemble playing great sets. Great to experience more from Montague Jacques Fromage (our host), BB Blackdog, Needle Poppets & The Dark Design. But I think that the best part of the whole festival was the atmosphere – such a friendly, laid-back group of interesting people (performers, crew & punters). It was basically just a big party which went on all weekend. I certainly didn’t want to leave on the Monday (in fact, I spent so much time saying goodbye to all these new-found & old friends that I left about 2 hours later than planned). Great venue, lovely people, wonderful atmosphere – roll on next year (where I hope to be performing!). XXX

    • Ahhh!
      Sounds like you all had a wonderful time and going by the photos I have seen the music was outstanding and you all looked wonderful (Loved the outfit!)!! Amazing job Dale and the team did putting the event together in such a short time and the two stage area looked like a grand idea!

      Will definitely have to try to be there next year and will pull ooot all the stops if you are performing! :o) xXx