A Steampunk Heartland!
With architecture and history to delight even the most jaded of Steampunk Hearts, Edinburgh has long been associated with the ethereal, fantastic and macabre of both fact and fiction.

R. L. Stevenson, Kenneth Grahame and Arthur Conan Doyle are just a few sons o’ “Auld Reekie” whose wonderful imaginations have helped shape the literature of the modern age and who continue yet to inspire generations around the entire world.

For good or ill, many real life residents of Scotland’s capital have also horrified, mystified or inspired countless more. Murderers and ‘Resurrection Men’ Burke & Hare, pilfering parson Deacon Brodie, cannibal Sawney Bean, Inspector James McLevy (inspiration behind the BBC radio drama series ‘McLevy’) and still the best James Bond to date in actor Sean Connery, to name but a very few.

From being home to surgeon and anatomist Charles Bell and inventor of the telephone Alexander Graham Bell to becoming home to the founding work of the first master of steam himself James Watt, Edinburgh has also formed the backdrop to many breakthroughs and developments in the sciences for centuries past.
With so many threads of a superbly rich cultural and creative texture ready to be woven together in to a new and exciting tableau, I hereby cordially invite the international Steampunk community to cast a monocled eye over the possibilities and potentials of the city as a venue for Steampunk events, concerts, creative endeavours or even just a good auld fashioned holiday!