DISTOPÍA: Argentia

First Latin American Steampunk Web Series goes at full steam to crowdfunding

DISTOPÍA: Argentia

Buenos Aires, September 25th 2016 – Martin A. Cruz and Guillermo H. Tellechea, two independent film-makers from Buenos Aires, Argentina, are filming “DISTOPÍA: Argentia”, the first Latin American Steampunk 6-episode web-series, and ready to start its IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaing next 09/25/16.

This retrofuturistic web-series will set a new standard for the genre in the region, due to the quality of its visual assets as for the plot, being entirely Spanish-spoken but with English subtitles.

The plot, set in an alternate South America at war in the beginning of the 20th century, follows the story of Mariscal Bandervere, a sullen Airship Captain and war hero who is called back to action to travel to the southern extreme of the world and destroy a mysterious device that is devastating the land. While travelling south onboard his warship “Argentia”, Bandervere will confront old enemies, find everlasting romance and face new challenges.

“DISTOPÍA: Argentia” will hit the web in early Spring 2017 on his YouTube channel: Distopia Saga.

IndieGoGo campaigning: www.distopiasaga.com

Facebook: /distopiaargentia

Twitter: @DistopiaOK

Instagram: distopiaok


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