The Bevvy Sisters – Plan B

Plan B

The Bevvy Sisters – Plan B
Full 10 Pip Review – Atticus Oldman
“One of the most popular bands on the Scottish live music scene, the Bevvy Sisters could have easily chosen to bring their outstanding live performance to only the larger venues of the UK’s main cities whilst touring the release of their second album ‘Plan B’.

Instead they decided to also take the Scottish music scene by the hand and lead a merry waltz across a grassroots selection of village halls and community venues to the delight of audiences across the length and breadth o’ Scotland!

Already highly respected individual musicians each in their own right, the band share a love of traditional Scottish harmony, vocalisation and a willingness to blend and enhance their own distinct and characteristic sound with themes and styles from across a wealth of musical cultures – The combination of which are simply stunning to witness live!

While the band’s first album ‘St James Sessions’ set a very high standard – ‘Plan B’ easily fits the description of a modern Scottish classic. The sort of album that 20 years from now Scottish ‘musos’ will be describing as an early major influence of their own work.”  – Atticus Oldman

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