The A.I. & Andy Pan Within

Atticus Oldman’s A.I (Automated Interview) is a series of predetermined questions designed to provide Steampunk Creatives with a starting point to tell their own stories!

Andy Pan Within

Name: Andy Pan Within aka Hubcap Diamondstar-Halo
Approx Location: Whitby
Creative Occupation: Event Organiser

What are you working on at the moment?
Whitby Steampunk Weekend Feb 10th & 11th and July 27th – 29th 2018 and all of the associated logistics of vendors, merchandise, entertainment, presentations and paperwork that goes with it.

How did you get started on your creative journey?
A distinct lack of events and activities in the middle of winter for our community and guests to meet up so the idea of a little get together in Whitby came about.

I live in Whitby, so thought why the hell not, big plus points are *the town of Whitby itself and just how beautiful it is at any time of
the year,

*the local business community were extremely positive when asked via a
straw poll (a few guest house owners and publicans in my favourite pub
at the same time – The Waiting Room!)
*cheaper accommodation as it is out of normal tourist season
*and free parking for the Feb event is a big plus!

What are the next steps on that journey?
To develop Whitby Steampunk Weekend further so hopefully it becomes apermanent ‘go to’ event on the Steampunk Calendar by creating a splendid experience for everyone who makes the effort to come, and then want to return and tell others of their positive experiences.

I want people to talk about it, share news, info and social media posts and generally take ownership of it. Most of the fabulous traders and entertainers are really behind the event and regularly share the WSW event facebook posts and flyers etc which is just fantastic and very much appreciated.

Where do you hope the journey will take you?
Well, difficult question to answer at the moment as only two previous events have taken place, both successful in terms of visitors, trader comments and feedback.

I am working hard to build lasting relationships with the Whitby business and tourist communities to tie in other aspects of this lovely town and hopefully this will bear fruit for future events for the benefit of our community.

In collaboration with Atticus Oldman and The Absinthe Affair, and the we are investigating and developing further Whitby Steampunk Weekend’s social media presence also which includes a YouTube Channel.

How did you first get into Steampunk and how has that influenced your work?
Without realising it I’ve been ‘into’ or ‘influenced’ by steampunk for 20 years or more by reading the classic Victorian Science Fiction books by H.G. Wells and Jules Verne since I was a child and enjoying the old film adaptations like Around The World in 80 Days (David Niven version of course) 20000 Leagues Under The Sea and The Time Machine for example.

I also loved the style of the era, particularly the clothes in the films…and David Niven, a true chap who could carry anything off with aplomb and one I use as a reference when dressing to attend events!

What do you think the future of Steampunk is?
I’m sure it will constantly change and adapt, for instance I’ve noticed a creeping in of 1920’s influences to people’s dress and music which is wonderful. Steampunk is basically what you want it to be…above all be nice and be splendid, not too much to ask is it!

What question should you be asked and what is your answer?
Q: How much is it to come into Whitby Steampunk Weekend during the dayand enjoy the Emporium, Entertainment, Presentations and Classic Cinema?
A: Free admission, free entry and completely free to enjoy!


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