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I have set up a Patreon Page at www.patreon.com/atticusoldman – In addition to a direct online transaction service via Paypal paypal.me/polsteele which is open and available to anyone who would like to make a contribution or would like to be a part of the Steampunk Almanac and Absinthe Affair’s ongoing development!

Any contribution would be most gratefully received and put to very good use!

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Aether Festival Pre-Launch Guide
Spring 2019… From a single central event hub deep within the clockwork heart of Scotland’s capital Auld Reekie – Aether Festival will stretch across the multiverse linking together Steampunk communities from all five corners of the globe!

Atticus Oldman O’ The Steampunk Almanac invites you to participate in an online celebration of the arts, music and creative endeavors inspired and admired by the ever growing international collective of souls with a passionate interest in Steampunk!

New Babbage – Edinburgh – Terra Lumnus

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