The Velveteen

“Join us puppets, rabbits, and geeks every first Friday of the month at the Hong Kong Inn, in Ventura, California, for live music and fun!”

The Velveteen
First Friday of the month at 
The Hong Kong Inn, Ventura, California, USA

The Velveteen

The Velveteen is a Steampunk-inspired band featuring members of Cirque Noir from Ventura, California. Blending rock/metal elements, in a fantastical sci-fi context, scrambled in the genius of Greater Then Zero’s (GTZ) Ableton Live steam powered blender.

The Velveteen began at 1pm on May 11th 2014 at a cosplay expo after party, and features Fum (the puppet played by Claire Flores) on vocals, Chris Coyle of Cirque Noir on drums, GTZ (Aaron Levitz) on keyboards and programming, and leading the this avant-garde orchestra is none other then, the Baron Von Velveteen on guitar and trumpet.


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