Swamp Steam by Steampunk Stompers – Full 10 Pips!

The Steampunk Stompers

Swamp Steam – A Full 10 Pip Recommendation frae Atticus Oldman
Swamp Steam – The outstanding album from South West Florida’s very own ‘Steampunk Stompers’ is a wonderful blending of the auld with the new to produce something uniquely charming, utterly delightful and quite simply timeless!

Outstanding musicianship providing composition and performance delivered with humour and a touch of good old fashioned class!

A real tootle pip toe-tapper and a grand introduction to Steampunk music – But with the power to appeal far beyond the traditional steampunk community!

Website: www.steampunkstompers.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/SteampunkStompers/

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