The Tales Of Sage and Savant

Sage and Savant

“Given how popular the Steampunk themed time traveling adventures of “Sage and Savant” has become – It is somewhat stunning to think this outstanding series of web based audio dramas is (at the time of writing) only just at the end of their very first season.

However, with action packed storytelling, a fabulously talented cast and crew alongside a habit of including in each episode music from some of the finest musical acts from across the international Steampunk community – There was never any doubt this remarkable project would be a sure-fire success.

Last summer I had the great pleasure of meeting Eddie Louise & Chip who play the respective roles of Dr. Petronella Sage and Professor Erasmus Savant during their visit to Scotland – And it was easy to see where the warmth, charm and easy going humor that defines the show originates from.

With the ‘Live’ adventures of Sage and Savant now appearing at stateside conventions and gatherings, my sincere hope is Eddie Louise and Chip’s next visit to Scotland will see this superbly talented pair bring Sage and Savant to the Edinburgh Festival. In the meantime there are the regular monthly episodes of this crackling serialized radiotelegraph fiction to look forward to – And (if you haven’t already) you can also catch up with the adventure so far via the web links provided below.” – Atticus Oldman


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