Ichabod Temperance

Oldman’s Almanac: 10 Pip Review
‘A Matter Of Temperance’
Volume One Of The Adventures Of Ichabod Temperance
By Ichabod Temperance
A Matter Of Temperance
A rip-snorting, mustache-twitching rollicker of an steam-driven adventure ride featuring hero companions able to face monsters and mayhem confidently and with dispatch – Yet blanching in fear of expressing to each other how deeply and swiftly they have fallen in love.
Despite relying on character and plot twist rather than titillation and uncouth language to develop the tale and keep the reader’s attention – Do not mistake a Matter of Temperance as suitable for the faint of heart and weak at knee.
This author does a truly mean line in bug-eyed beasties that will have you making sure there are plenty of candles on the nightstand and one’s blunderbuss is very close at hand
The only fault I could find was the tale was over far too soon and sadly I only wish for more!
…But – What was that you say?
…A Matter Of Temperance was only the first of FOUR such adventures with a FIFTH now upon the way?
By Jove!
…Direct me to the nearest online stockist immediately! [ Amazon Link ]
Atticus Oldman

Ichabod On Clean Indie Reads: www.cleanindiereads.blogspot.co.uk
Ichabod’s Interview by Fellow Author – Wendy L. Callahan
(Wendy is joint host of the excellent Sounds Of Steampunk podcast)
Collection: The Adventures Of Ichabod Temperance – On Amazon

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