The A.I. And Ichabod Temperance

The A.I. And Ichabod Temperance

Q: Your Name:
Ichabod Temperance

Q: Approximate Location:
Irondale, Alabama, U.S.of A. This is a little community on the East side of Birmingham Alabama. I consider myself a Birminghamster.

Q: Creative Occupation:
Consulting Protagonist

Q: What are you working on at the moment?
This delightful interview, silly, but that is only because I am taking a break from my thrilling new adventure, ‘In a Latitude of Temperance’. Miss Plumtartt says the title is not so good, but it is a working title for now. {Kinda like ‘Snakes on a Plane’.}

Q: How did you get started on your creative journey?
A: Quite by accident, I assure you! A little over a year ago, I had never written so much as a grocery list. Doing stunt work on an independent film alerted me to the wonderful genre of ‘steampunk’. When I began coming up with a back story, forward stories started pouring out.

Q: What are the next steps on that journey?
: Lots more books! They keep coming faster and faster! I will probably write another one before I finish this interview!

Q: Where do you hope the journey will take you?
I hope the journey will carry me and Miss Plumtartt around the world to meet all the fantastic people who have been inspirations for characters in the books.

Q: How did you first get into Steampunk and how has that influenced your work?
It was that movie I was telling you about, Atticus. ‘Engines of Destiny’ is a sweeping, no-budget steampunk epic! I have always made up for my lack of talent and skill with raw enthusiasm! This led to my getting an upgrade in the movie. Now I operate a 2,700 pound steam driven mechanical suit! At nearly seven feet tall, I get to beat up a young Teddy Roosevelt before he delivers the greatest one-liner in film history as he finishes me off!

Q: What do you think the future of Steampunk is?
  uhb… disappointingly crass commercialism? I sure hope not!

Everywhere I look in the steampunk community, I see passionate folks building their own world in a manner that suits them best. I do not believe I have ever seen such an outpouring of individual expression. The primary objective seems to involve being nice, encouraging, constructive, but most of all, to have fun. Steampunk seems to have a strange motivational quality to it. I hope we are always able to maintain that ephemeral distinction.

Q: What question should you be asked and what is your answer?
Q: Mr. Temperance, you silly little man. Don’t you know your flippant silliness is very likely going to raise the ire of an entire world against you? Just what do you have to say for yourself? Speak up! Mr. Steele does not have all day!

A: eep! Sorry folks, I’m gonna try and be a good boy from now on, I promise!

Thanks, Mr. Steele!
Thanks, Mr. Oldman!
– And Thank You Mr Temperance!

Cheers, everybody!
Your pal, Ichabod.

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