Gurdybird On Patreon

“Quite simply one of the most creative individuals I have ever encountered. In addition to being an outstanding musician, Gurdybird is also an incredible artist and a fantastic film-maker!” Atticus Oldman


“Hi all, hope you are well, so I am still working my way around Patreon, where you can be a patron to artists such as myself, by pledging a monthly amount of your preference. I’ve added a new tier to patrons who pledge in the higher tier for a number of months, exclusive haul of video related goodies!

Please check my page out, as a patron, you can set limits, chose your tier, see how I work, get a number of exclusive rewards, and many of these things are physical items! You also make a big difference in the life of an independent artist and enable me to make more music, videos and art!” Gurdybird


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