Decadent Preserves

Decadent Preserves

“Usually when folk keep nipping into the kitchen during a Hogmanay party here in Auld Reekie it is likely to be to refresh their glasses with something a wee bit alcoholic. However, this time just past there was an additional attraction that had folk repeatedly going back for more (and more and more) – Namely a selection of delicious and delectable goodies provided by Decadent Preserves of Whitby.

In particular ‘Vampire’s Fury’ and the marvelous ‘BBQ Stake Sauce’ (A wonderful chutney and Steak Sauce From the ‘Vampire Slayer’ range) were both swiftly and enthusiastically devoured across a wide selection of munchies prepared for the midnight hour and the arrival of ‘The Bells!

Perfect additions to picnics, sharing with a few friends or feeding the party time masses – Decadent Preserves are a real ‘one taste then evermore essential’ experience for the discerning foody freak!” – Atticus Oldman


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