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Endorsed by A. Oldman
A new section of the Absinthe Affair’s Web Companion is now open with details of endorsements on a growing selection of high quality (non musical) steampunk, dieselpunk and classic neo-victorian products and merchandise. If you are interested in obtaining such an endorsement and are willing to provide samples for testing, approval and review then get in touch directly via the Contact Page

In addition to a profile page containing picture, detailed review, links and purchase information – Each successful applicant will also receive a “Certificate O’ Approval” for the endorsed item in question. Certain items may also receive a video review if considered appropriate.

A “Recommended Supplier Certificate ” will also be available for download to those who can demonstrate a record of excellent quality of service alongside outstanding merchandise or range of products.

Open to a wide selection of goods including:- Absinthe products and accessories (of course), other alcohol related products, clothing and accessories, jewellery and watches, catering and food related products, household goods and ornamental products, artwork and custom made goods.

Note: No items sent prior to agreement based on photographic approval of product!

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