Airship Northstar 2 – 10 Pip Preview!

airship northstar festival

Oldman’s Full Ten Pip Recommendation: Airship Norhstar 2
“Last summer a brand new steampunk festival was held in the north of England – Even before the event began, the level of enthusiasm shown by both participants and those intending to party reached unprecedented levels. However, over the course of its first outing in July 2016 Airship Northstar, hosted by Impossible Gears at not only greatly exceeded all expectations but also thrilled and delighted every lucky soul attending.

Immediate demands for a second gathering in 2017 were swiftly granted and now with only weeks remaining before its second flight over the weekend of the 7th-9th July – Airship Northstar 2 is set to soar to even greater heights than its predecessor.

With an outstanding collection of musical artists once again attending this year’s festivities combined with a fantastic selection of entertainers, makers and traders – All hosted once again within the natural beauty of the Ford & Etal estate near to Newcastle on Tweed – Airship Northstar 2 is one of the Steampunk Community’s most eagerly awaited events in 2017!” – Atticus Oldman

For further information visit Impossible Gears online

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