Absinthe Affair 006

Clockwork Vaudeville – Steam Powered Giraffe
Seven Nation Army – Unwoman
The Flying Dutchman – The Filthy Spectacula
Of Silas Faunteroy’s Willingness to Influence The Panel – Munly and The Lee Lewis Harlots
La Chat Noir – Frenchy And The Punk
Airship Pirate Cats and Underwater Ducks – The Cog Is Dead
No More Room – The Scarring Party
Lets Not Pretend – This Way To The Egress
The Game Is Rigged – The Great Malarkey
1816, The Year Without A Summer – Rasputina
The Lonely Willow Tree – Trongate Rum Riots
Jolene – Sisters of Mercy
Into The Fire – The New Jacobin Club
Mad About You – Poison Garden
The Killer’s Kiss – Victor Sierra
Red Hands – The Butchers and The Builders
The Killer – The Magnificent Seven
Opportunity Tango – Mary Crowell
Red Balloon – Vagabond Opera
Fighting Trousers – Professor Elemental
Nicknackatory – Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer
Back and Forth – Dr Steel
When You’re Evil – Voltaire
Evil Night Together – Jill Tracy
Dr Flynn – Caravan of Thieves
My Favourite Things – Amanda Palmer
March of the Modern Pagans – Rosin Covin
Bonnie and Clyde – Vermillion Lies
Useless – Insomniac Folklaw
Through The Hole – The Dad Horse Experience
Graveyard – The Devil Makes Three
Perfect Lawns – Curse In the Woods.
Secret – The Pierces
Little Drop of Poison – Tom Waits

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