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The Absinthe Affair

The Absinthe Affairs O’ Atticus Oldman

Please Note: “With Abney Park attending the Whitby Goth Weekend in 2017 – I hereby publically call for their singer Robert Brown to issue a complete and unreserved apology to the many wonderful UK Steampunk musicians, bands and members from our Steampunk community who he insulted, defamed and verbally abused via his recent infamous Facebook rant!” – Atticus Oldman: The Absinthe Affair & Steampunk Almanac

Full Statement 28th February 2017

The Brasscallion

Airship Northstar2017 – Tales O’ The Wandering Oldman At Airship Northstar 2

Steampunk Events

Aether Guild-Hoose Traders!

The AlmanaciansThe Almanacians Video Broadcasts Coming This Springtime!

New Babbage – Edinburgh – Terra Lumnus

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